Wherever there is passion and tradition, quality is part of the family.

Love for nature, hard work and striving for excellence: these are core values for the Sabbatani company, a family-run business where the most genuine traditions are passed on from one generation to the next, enhanced by cutting-edge technologies. The company has thus put to use the winemaking potential of the lush hills around Predappio; already a well-established brand in the poultry industry, today it is proud to introduce also its vineyard products: three "wines with a heart", affectionately dedicated to the grandparents, Peppino and Olga, and to the farm Mezzacosta.


Discover Romagna's taste "Dal Peppo".

Sunday 18th December will be inaugurated "Dal Peppo", new enosteria of Sabbatani Wines, where you can find all the best of Romagna.

There, you can buy or taste local wine products, bottled or in bulk, along with several proposals outside the region, selected between the most important wineries and the best local produce.

Come to taste the taste of tradition!

We will wait you from 10 a.m. with a free buffet.


Visit the website www.dalpeppo.it